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Subaru OEM WRX STi Front Bumper Splitters 2004-2005

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Aspen White 51E
Crystal Gray Metallic 48W
Java Black 18L
Obsidian Black 32J
Platinum Silver 01G
World Rally Blue 02C
  • These side panels install right to the bumper of any 2004-2005 WRX. They're available pre-painted in any of the stock STi colors. Set of two genuine Subaru OEM splitter panels.

    Install note: These splitters attach to a WRX STi using plastic body clips and automotive adhesive. The WRX bumper does not have the slots or holes for the tabs and clips on the splitters, and cutting them is a little difficult, so we recommend simply trimming off the tabs, removing the fasteners, and using the adhesive for installation. Pick up some extra 3M heavy-duty double-sided exterior tape from your auto parts store.

    Install note update: One of our customers in Germany informs us that the above-mentioned install technique (3M adhesive only) is NOT adequate for Autobahn speeds of 110+ mph. If you plan on very high speeds, we recommend using the OEM tabs and clips. If you want to go the factory route, cut some slots and holes in your factory bumper, and the clips and tabs will pop right in. See picture below for what the back of the splitters look like. Got a wagon? There's a helpful video for installation on the wagon over on YouTube.

    Note: The 2004 WRX STi was available in Platinum Silver. The 2005 WRX STi was  available in both Platinum Silver and Crystal Grey.

    Sold as a set of two splitter pieces, one left, one right.

    Fits all 2004-2005 WRX and WRX STi.

  • SKU#: K02444AS, K02444CR, K02444JA, K02444OB, K02444PL, K02444WR

    Shipping Weight: 25.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

    Category: Body Kits & Spoilers, OEM Exterior