bugeye GD GG grill

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Zunsport Full Grille Set 2002-2003 WRX

bugeye GD GG grill

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Upper Grille Style
  • Zunsport grilles are precision-made from all stainless steel, in an over-under weave pattern that is both attractive and strong. All our Zunsport grilles are manufactured in the UK and imported to the US directly by Mach V Motorsports

    This four-piece grille set from Zunsport includes the upper and lower radiator grilles, plus matching fog lamp grilles. Save $40 over buying these items individually!

      The upper grille fits in the existing plastic surround. You must have an intact plastic surround to install the grille.

      New! We now offer a version of the upper grille that does NOT have the center hole for the Subaru badge, so you can have an all-blacked-out upper grille opening. You will have to remove the stock badge and or shave down the badge-mounting bezel, or cut out the whole center plastic section of the OEM grille in order for the no-hole Zunsport upper grille to fit.

      The lower radiator grille includes a Zunsport logo; if you don't care for the logo, you can peel it off, but there is a welded on badge holder underneath. We might suggest an STI logo to go there instead.

      Installation involves simple hand tools; instructions are included.

      Black finish. 

      Fits all 2002-2003 Impreza and WRX, sedan or wagon.

    • SKU#: K13060JE, K13059JE

      Shipping Weight: 25.0 lb

      Supplier: Zunsport

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