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Killer B Ultimate Oil Pickup EJ20

bee EJ20 GD GG SF SG

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  • The stock braised oil pickup tube on the WRX is known to break -- see the photos on this product page -- which can lead to oil starvation and catastrophic engine failure. This, as we say in the industry, is a Bad Thing. As of this writing, we know of at least 25 instances of this problem, and we expect to see more in the future.

    The problem with the OEM part seems to be that flux from the original factory braise joint was not cleaned off properly from the joint, and the flux corrodes the steel, leading to cracking of the pipe. Once the tube breaks, oil can no longer be drawn up into the engine...and it's all over.

    The Ultimate Oil Pickup is a clean-sheet design that is braced for maximum strength and durability. It features all-new construction, made with metal that's triple the stock thickness, and with TWO support braces instead of just one.

    Sure, this part isn't cheap, but replacing a seized engine costs THOUSANDS of dollars. We don't like the idea of playing russian roulette with a motor.

    DISCLAIMER: We think this is a pickup tube that won't crack off and leave you stranded, and since it's made using the stock pickup, it should function just the same. But we make no claims about its suitability for any purpose. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We warranty the pickup tube part ONLY. We do not take responsibility for the safety of your motor. If you don't feel comfortable with the above, please do not buy this part.

    For additional peace of mind for cars that are driven on track or other high-load situations, you can choose to add a Killer B oil baffle/windage tray to your oil pickup purchase. Save money compared to buying the baffle separately!

    This 2.0 EJ20 pickup fits all US-market EJ20 turbo 2.0 engines from 2002-2005 WRX, plus 2004-2005 Forester XT and 2005 Legacy GT/Outback XT. (The 2.0 pickup may not fit 2.0 cars from outside the U.S.) 


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