6MT CVT FA24T post-facelift pre-facelift VB VBWRX

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Mach V Two-Piece Brembo Adapter Rotors 2022+ WRX

6MT CVT FA24T post-facelift pre-facelift VB VBWRX

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  • Did you manage to source some STI Brembo four-pot or six-pot front calipers? These adapter rotors are for you. Mach V Motorsports two-piece Brembo adapter rotors allow you to bolt up STI Brembo brake calipers (either four-piston or six-piston) to the front of your 2022+ Subaru WRX. Because of the suspension geometry of the front axle on the VB-chassis, the brake caliper and the corresponding rotor have moved outward compared to the older cars. That means if you try to use rotors meant for the 2021 and older STI, they will not fit. These custom two-piece front rotors solve that problem, allowing you to bolt up either four-piston or six-piston STI Brembo calipers to the front axle. Plus, they are far lighter than a single-piece cast iron rotor.

    The rotors use an aluminum center section for light weight. The outer ring is cast iron; high-strength fasteners join the two. Two-piece rotors reduce rotating mass, but there are other benefits, including decreased heat transfer to the hub.

    Once the Mach V two-piece rotor is installed you will replace just the outer rotor ring, which you can purchase from us as needed.

    The Mach V two-piece rotor weighs only 19.4 pounds, compared to 25 pounds for the stock rotor. The hat section of the Mach V rotor is made of hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum; the Mach V Motorsports logo is laser-engraved on the hat surface. The disc is made from a proprietary cast iron; the directional multi-vane design maximizes cooling.

    Rotor dimensions are 326x30mm (four-piston) or 340x32mm (six-piston).

    Note that these are just the front rotors -- no calipers, pads, or other hardware are included. If you need all these things, consider our complete brake upgrade kit. Also note that you MUST be careful about brake caliper clearance! The six-piston calipers will NOT fit under the stock rotors without a 20mm wheel spacer.

    Set of two rotors, left and right. Choose four-piston or six-piston size.

    Fits all 2022+ Subaru WRX EQUIPPED WITH front Brembo calipers. Does NOT fit stock WRX. Does NOT fit other WRX or STI cars.

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